A Background Check Company Can Address Complicated Screening Issues

December 9, 2021

Job Interview Background Check Company Service Offerings; Complete Your Due Diligence Today

Background check companies are playing an important role for the industries that continue to hire and push for a successful economic bounce back. With ongoing labor shortages posing a risk to productivity, hiring processes must be expedited to get workforces back on the job site. Criminal background checks can reveal problematic work histories and help you make the most informed hiring decisions possible.

Even with an ongoing global labor crisis, HR managers must still conduct their proper due diligence to ensure that their workforces and the clients they serve are safe and protected. Meet your duty of care requirements and address complicated screening issues within your workforce.

What is the Best Background Check Company?

ISB Global Services can offer a wide variety of background checks, including criminal record checks, identity verification, financial history checks, and education verification. Turnaround times are remarkably quick and can be an affordable solution for HR managers and business owners to conduct their due diligence during their hiring sprees.

Man on Computer What is Not Offered by a Background Check Company?

A background check cannot verify claims made about a potential candidate’s employment history. HR managers must rely on references supplied by the candidate to prove such claims.

How Far Back Can Background Check Company Look into a Candidate’s History?

In Canada, Criminal background checks provided by ISB Global Services include a search of both CPIC and every local police station to ensure that a criminal record does not go unnoticed, regardless of how long ago the offence took place.

American criminal background checks provided by ISB Global Services are incredibly far-reaching and can access records that are more than 50 years old. Checks are conducted at the county, state, and federal levels, with access to one of the most robust multi-jurisdictional database searches in the industry.

Can a Background Check Company Offer Customized Services to Businesses?


The scope of research offered by ISB Global Services is customizable to fit a client’s needs, such as criminal records, identity verifications, drug testing, and more.

Driver Can a Background Check Company Reveal a Candidate’s Driving History?


Businesses that work within the logistical, delivery, or ride-share industries can lean on ISB Global Services to provide background checks about a candidate’s driving history. This can include a long list of offences, including drinking and driving, speeding, and much more.

Does a Background Check Company Give a Pass or Fail on a Background Check?


Background check companies such as ISB Global Services only provide the information requested from a background check. HR managers and business owners are left to make hiring or personnel decisions on their own.

OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com Site Online Background Checks Offered by OrderYourBackgoundCheck.com

HR professionals working in the manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, and supply chain industries are likely under tremendous strain as they manage ongoing hiring campaigns while screening potential candidates. Save time and money while completing your due diligence by requesting that candidates provide their own online background check through an online background check provider such as OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com.

Further, ISB Global Services, the parent company to OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com, maintains a wide range of products that can help businesses of any size manage losses throughout their supply chain. Security, surveillance, criminal background checks, and up-to-the-minute GPS tracking can all play a key role in managing supply chain risk and preserving your bottom line.

Contact us directly to learn more about available solutions for businesses with complex supply chain challenges.