Background Checks and Resume Writing Tips That Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

November 29, 2021

resume Background Check Tips for Simple Resume Building and Writing

Now is the time to get your foot in the door of a new career. Many industries are hiring for roles that have great potential for personal and professional development, creating a buyer’s market for anyone looking for a change or re-entering the workforce. Providing a background check for employment alongside a resume is a great way to expedite the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take resume writing seriously.

Before you apply, take a close look at your resume, and use these simple writing tips to help your applications stand out from the rest. Pairing a background check and a revised resume can help you get hired today and back to work tomorrow.

Background Checks Are Important, But These Five Resume Tips Can Help You Stand Out Even More

Resume writing can be easy, and you don’t have to be a professional writer to create a clear and effective resume. Here are the best resume writing tips got job seekers:

  • Keep your cover letter short and sweet, as the rest of your resume will go into greater detail about your work experience. Remember, your cover letter isn’t a summary; it should argue why you are the right fit for the job.
  • Write the same way you speak because this isn’t the time to use big words that aren’t typically used in normal conversation. Describe your work experience in plain language so that anyone can read it.
  • Ensure that your resume is skimmable. Consider that the human resources manager that is hiring for a role has a lot of applications that they need to sort through to select those for a phone interview. Use bolded headings to highlight job titles and italics on key dates to make relevant experience pop and easily noticeable.
  • Your entire application, cover letter, and resume should be a max of three pages. Although some applicants might have extensive experience, it needs to be edited down to three pages or less. Even the most experienced executives must ensure that their resumes can be digested quickly. More details about your work experience can be included throughout the interview process.
  • As for formatting, set up your resume in reverse chronological order, beginning with your full name and contact information, including your address, phone number, and email. Then, begin to highlight your most recent and relevant job experience at the top of your resume.

arrest Should My Resume Include a Criminal History Background Check?

Many industries require a complete criminal or financial background check as a condition for hiring. Should you have a criminal history, performing your own background check in advance of submitting your resume can help save time and expedite the recruitment process.

Less is More

Remember that your resume is strictly business, do not include personal details that are not relevant to the role, such as a headshot, links to social media profiles, or unnecessary color or art on a resume.

Background Checks: What Are the Most Common Mistakes on a Resume?

Typos are one of the most common mistakes on a resume and can damage an applicant’s chances of getting the position, even if the role does not require any sort of writing or spelling. Proofread your resume by reading it aloud and having a friend or partner look it over before submitting it.

Oversharing is also a common mistake on a resume. Never include things like your age, hobbies, or experience that are irrelevant to the available role.

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Complete your background check and include it as part of an application package. Your extra due diligence will help you stand out and contribute to you getting back to the job site. Contact us directly to learn more.