Background Checks for Employment That Make a Difference in Your Recruitment Efforts

September 13, 2021

Interview Background Checks Are Not Created Equally, Choose Services That Paint a Full Picture of a Candidate

A proper background check solution for your business can make a huge difference in the types of employees you recruit. Whether it be pre-employment screening and background checks completed as a condition for employment, this type of due diligence can help ensure that the employees you hire are of the highest quality.

After all, hiring a full-time employee comes with a significant time commitment from HR professionals, and making the right hire the first time around is incredibly important. Save time sifting through applications and hire a quality workforce with background check solutions that are both fair and compliant.

Background Checks Are Improving the Recruitment Process

Recruiting can be exhausting at times, and many businesses are being challenged to meet demand and hire skilled workers simultaneously. After a lengthy recruitment process, multiple interviews, and salary negotiations, recruiters might be tempted to skip a background check if they are under pressure to complete a hire as quickly as possible.

A proper background check, however, can help solidify your corporation’s culture, protect fellow employees, and verify that the perfect candidate is, in fact, the best candidate for the role. Any shortcut is a failure in a business’s due diligence efforts. Background Checks that Never Take Shortcuts

Certain roles can be challenging to fill. Hiring executive positions, complicated IT roles, or specialized tech and software positions can be exceptionally difficult to fill. Some recruiters might be tempted to save time or money by completing their own background checks. Whether it is a social media search, free background checks online, or just calling references to verify claims, these shortcuts ultimately hurt recruitment efforts and only reveal the surface of a candidate’s history.

Many free background check services only offer publicly available information, while DIY efforts might land a recruiter in hot water with privacy laws. Completing a fair and compliant background check has complex rules and intricacies that must be followed as missteps could land a business in legal trouble.

Background Checks for Employment That Verify the Quality of Workforces

At times HR managers are overwhelmed by the mass amounts of applicants within an industry, leaving some feeling like they are searching for a needle in a haystack. Many corporations in the logistics and supply chain industry are vulnerable to theft and other crimes of opportunity, and careful due diligence can reduce losses and promote a culture of honesty and integrity.

Background checks implemented into the recruitment process can strengthen an organization and potentially scare off applicants with a problematic criminal history.

For instance, simply communicating a business’ commitment to completing an in-depth background on an applicant can save HR managers hours during the recruitment process. Often if a job listing states that a background check is required as a condition of employment, many applicants won’t bother applying if they have an undesired past.

Financial Reports Background Checks That Include Financial and Driving Records

Financial record checks can reveal important information about a candidate’s ability to manage their own money. Executive roles that require the management of a corporation’s finances are best handled by professionals with a shining credit score and can demonstrate that they are competent to handle large sums of money.

If a business is recruiting for delivery or rideshare positions, integrating a driving record check can deter those with poor records from applying. These checks are an integral step within the recruitment process and can protect your business, coworkers, and the consumers that your employees interact with.

Background Checks offered by ISB Global Services

ISB is highly experienced in addressing the many needs of HR professionals and recruiting, including document verification and background checks for employment. Our long list of service offerings can simplify the screening process for any small to medium-sized business, helping to ensure the quality of your workforce.

ISB can help any company navigate the challenges of screening and validating a candidate’s experience, criminal, and financial history. Our solutions for HR managers include validating candidates’ identities, performing full background screenings, criminal record checks, financial record checks, and document verifications.

Contact us directly to learn more about our suite of HR-related solutions and help your business take the next step into remote recruiting.