Background Checks Simplify Recruitment: Ten Steps to Save Time and Complete Hires

December 9, 2021

Job interview Background Checks Paint Clear Pictures for Hiring Managers

Background checks are an integral part of any business owner’s hiring efforts. With ongoing worker shortages, absenteeism, and general labor unrest, locking down the right candidate as quickly as possible will save both time and money. In fact, when business owners need to conduct a hiring spree, background checks can expedite the hiring process and help select the highest quality candidates possible.

Hiring managers working to fill roles in the manufacturing, logistics, food service, grocery, warehouse, trucking, and cargo industries are under pressure to maintain productivity, despite ongoing supply chain challenges. Today, quality candidates are in short supply. With just about every industry hiring, fast background checks can help complete hires and ensure your business navigates the complexity of today’s labor market.

Office Workers Background Checks Can Expedite Hiring and Ensure the Quality of Workforces

Background checks are just one part of the recruitment process; use these ten tips to help build a quality workforce quickly and easily.

1. Begin with a great job description. Just like how a great cover letter stands out, a great job description can grab the attention of candidates. Communicate why candidates should work for your company and get people excited to apply for the job.

2. Take a close read of your competitor’s job offerings. Some simple research can determine whether your offers are competitive to other companies in your industry. Compare and adjust to remain competitive.

3. Treat your candidates with respect. Even if you receive a hundred applications for a job, each candidate deserves basic respect. Haven’t followed up with a candidate after a phone interview? Well, that candidate might review their experience online, passing on negative comments that could hurt your recruitment efforts. Leaving candidates wondering where they are in the hiring process could hurt your company’s reputation. Word gets around, so be honest and upfront as much as you can.

4. Have candidates provide their own background check as a condition of employment. This way hiring managers can complete their due diligence and save money. is a simple way for qualified candidates to provide a complete background check.

5. Define your hiring practices and begin by screening candidates over the phone. Bringing candidates directly to the job site for a first interview can be time-consuming. Get a sense of a candidate’s expectations and move on if they are not a good fit before they are invited for an interview.

6. Work on your employer brand by having a robust career section on your company’s website.Gather testimonials from your current workforce and publish them online. Telling your company’s story is crucial, as candidates will research to find out what life at your company will be like.

7. Inject youth into your workforce by organizing hiring events at local schools, including college and university campuses. Bring your company’s brand directly to young people looking to enter the workforce.

8. Employment referral programs are a simple way to have your workforce assist in the hiring process. Incentivize current employees for referring great candidates and build chemistry among workers by hiring people that your current employees already know.

9. Consider revising your offerings to include more flexibility. Many candidates are in a complicated parenting situation or have complex responsibilities at home. Flexible working arrangements are a simple way to attract great talent that needs more flexibility for their employer. Even part-time working arrangements can help achieve your recruiting goals.

10. Get out of your neighbourhood and list remote job offerings on international job sites. Top talent can be difficult to find, and sometimes listing your job offerings abroad can create unique opportunities. When possible, remote openings can bring together talented people in one digital work environment. Site Background Checks and Candidate Screening Offered by ISB Global Services

ISB Global Services maintains a wide range of products that can help businesses of any size screen mass amounts of candidates and ensure the quality of their workforces with background checks. Dive deep into the histories of candidates with comprehensive background checks that include criminal, financial, and driving records. Make the right hiring choices and build a workforce free from problematic employees, ultimately ensuring long-term productivity.

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