Common Background Checks for Employers

August 3, 2021

Employers Employers have many options when selecting the right background check for their business. Creating a workplace that is not only productive but safe and welcoming is an ongoing challenge for HR managers as they hire skilled workers. Background checks play a key role in ensuring the quality of workforces and can help spot workplace problems before they happen.

Consider these most common background checks that can help your business take the next step and recruit qualified candidates for the role.

Criminal Background Checks

The most basic background checks typically include a criminal background check that searches records and reveals the criminal histories of potential candidates.

County-Level Criminal History Checks

These types of background checks can pull records from a specific county within the United States, usually from locations where the candidate has previously lived or worked. They often reveal information related to the type of offense, date, disposition, and any other relevant information.

Criminal Record Fingerprints National Criminal Record Searches

National databases include all 50 states and expands on the scope of a county-level search. These types of searches skim information across the country and pull state-specific records, including criminal histories.

Federal Criminal Record Searches

Federal criminal background checks search through 94 different US federal court systems and pulls up information regarding federal offenses. These types of searches can reveal more complex charges, including white-collar crime, fraud, tax evasion, and firearm offenses.

Social Security Number Trace + Address History

Social security traces can spot fraudulent applicants and could reveal all available names and aliases of a candidate. While they are not traditionally part of the official background report, they indicate which jurisdictions should be searched for criminal records.

Graduation Ceremony Education Verification

Some candidates might boast about their educational background and embellish or outright lie about where they went to school. There are tools that can help HR managers verify the assertions a candidate makes within their resume.

University and College Verification

Comprehensive background checks can verify the dates a candidate graduated from a certain institution while confirming that the candidate graduated successfully. In some instances, this information can reveal whether a candidate has been honest throughout the interview process.

Professional Designations

Some professional designations are best confirmed with authoritative bodies to ensure that candidates truly have the right qualifications for the open position.

Other Variants of Background Checks for Employers

  • Driving records, including drunk driving charges
  • Financial and credit checks
  • Urine tests for drugs and other narcotics
  • Sex offender registries
  • Terrorist watch lists

Working on Laptop Background Check Solutions for Employers Offered by

Completing a successful background check is a complex process that often requires the expertise of a third party. Some background checks may prove to be limited in nature, especially free services offered online. Comprehensive background checks can reveal information that might influence a hiring decision. Careful due diligence is required on behalf of HR managers and business owners to create a good workforce.

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