Dress for Success: Background Checks for Employment Are Part of the Process

December 6, 2021

suit Completed Your Background Check for Employment? Now Dress for the Part

Providing a completed background check for employment is just one of the many ways to impress a recruiter and show that you are serious about landing the available role. Dressing appropriately for the interview and making a good first impression can also help get you into the next round of hiring.

Before your first interview, consider whether you are dressed for the occasion. There are a number of ways that a candidate should dress in order to make a good first impression. Also, there are several small details you should avoid when heading to the job site for your first interview. Dress for success, let your employer know that you are serious about the role and place the focus on your skills rather than your attire.

Background Checks for Employment and Proper Dress Etiquette Go Hand-in-Hand

Use these helpful tips and find answers to frequently asked questions about dressing appropriately for your next job interview.

How Should Men Dress for a Job Interview?

Men should consider wearing dress pants and a dress shirt for a job interview, such as a clean and pressed collared shirt. A full suit isn’t necessary unless the company has a reputation for requiring its employees to wear formal business attire. A clean and polished pair of shoes is a nice touch but avoid strong colognes. Online forums can reveal the typical dress code of a prospective workspace, and if you are unsure, ask the hiring manager directly before your interview.

interview How Should Women Dress for a Job Interview?

Women should consider wearing a business-casual outfit. Dress pants and skirts are appropriate for the occasion, as well as traditional dresses or blazers. As for footwear, consider wearing flats or boots as long as they are comfortable. Should you have any concerns about the dress code before an interview, ask the hiring manager or HR rep directly before your interview.

What Should People Not Wear to a Job Interview?

Casual wear, including flip-flops, jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants, and sandals, all give off the wrong impression and should not be worn for a job interview. A clean and presentable look is always a safe bet.

What are Some Body Language Ques to Consider During a Job Interview?

Eye contact is one of the most important body language cues that anyone can use during a job interview. Speak directly to people, smile, sit up straight, and speak directly to people without getting distracted. Slouching during a job interview might suggest you aren’t taking the interview seriously.

Try your best to remain relaxed and refrain from fidgeting as much as possible.

interview What is Considered Bad Body Language During a Job Interview?

Slumping or slouching down in a chair during an interview doesn’t give off a professional tone. If you fiddle with objects, consider folding your hands together and placing them on the desk in front of you. Try your best to relax, as nervous candidates might appear to be stiff or unfriendly.

Is Using Hand Gestures Good During Job Interviews?

Hand gestures are a useful technique to emphasize certain phrases when speaking but can be easily overdone. It’s ok to gesture when you talk, but swinging your hands wildly during an interview can be distracting.

How Can I Wow an Interviewer?

An application that includes a formal and well-written resume along with a completed background check can impress recruiters and expedite the hiring process. Showing genuine interest and excitement during your interview can reflect positively on hiring managers and help you stand out. Consider that there might be other candidates that are more qualified but show less long-term promise because of their lack of interest in the company and role.

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