Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Background Check for Employment

September 20, 2021

Resume Background Check for Employment: A How-To Guide

Choosing a background check for employment isn’t as simple as it sounds. Whether you are picking up your first volunteer position at a charity or are required to provide a complete background check for an executive position at a major corporation, it’s important to know that not all background checks are created equally.

Many employers now require the applicant to complete their own background check as a condition for employment. This leaves applicants on their own to choose a service that can deliver the correct background check paperwork to employers. The rideshare, logistics, and manufacturing industries benefit greatly from background checks, as they protect both their employees and the people they serve.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when choosing a background check.

Why Does an Employer Require a Background Check for Employment?

Background checks help employers complete their due diligence and ensure that the applicant is best suited for the role. Background checks also protect other employers by revealing criminal histories that might later prove problematic should the candidate be hired.

construction workers What Industries Require a Background Check for Employment?

Many employees working in delivery, logistics, trucking, manufacturing, and storage/warehouse require background checks as a condition of employment. Further, many professional office workers are also now requiring criminal background checks as a condition of employment. Every employer is different in regard to their own human resource policies.

What Industries Do Not Require a Background Check for Employment?

Some employers choose not to complete background checks on their employees. Every industry is unique in how they address their own hiring needs.

What Happens if an Employer Finds Something Bad on a Background Check?

Should a criminal history or other unfavorable information appear in a background check, they may refrain from hiring. Each employer is different, and the process differs depending on the jurisdiction.

Five Tips for Selecting the Perfect Background Check for Employment

These five simple tips can help anyone select the best background check for their needs:

  1. Free isn’t always the best option, especially for consumers. Avoid free background checks at all costs, as these services might offer incomplete or impartial information. Instead, consider a service provider who can provide fast and accurate services and satisfy the requirements set out by your potential employer.
  2. Select a background check provider with exceptional customer support and consumer feedback reports. Ensure you can ask questions about your background check with live agents that have answers to any concerns.
  3. Choose a background check provider that maintains accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The NAPBS outlines best practices for the background check industry and is the gold standard for providers.
  4. Ensure that your background check provider follows the standards set out by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This ensures that your background check provider adheres to all regulations and complies with any applicable privacy laws.
  5. Select a background check service that is transparent about their services and requests consent from the individual. Any background check company that doesn’t follow this practice is likely not acting in compliance with privacy laws.

Interview Background Check for Employment

Powered by ISB Global Services, allows candidates to order their own criminal background checks. Many charitable and for-profit industries now request that candidates provide their own background checks as a condition for employment. provides a wide variety of background checks, including criminal, educational, and financial record checks.

Explore various service offerings and ensure that your background check satisfies the needs of your next employer. Contact us directly to learn more.