Hiring and Screening Large Workforces: Where do HR and Security Directors Begin?

July 5, 2021

man working on a computer Background Screening Large Workforces: Important Tips for Human Resources Managers

Background screening large workforces is no simple task. HR managers are often challenged with completing their due diligence on limited budgets, tempted by free background check services that are anything but comprehensive. With a sea of candidates looking to work for your company, it might be hard for many HR managers to know where to begin.

Proper background checks come with complex compliance and privacy challenges that are best navigated alongside an accredited provider. When you decide to conduct a background check on your new and existing workforce, consider these steps to help make the most informed HR decisions possible.

Background Screening Large Workforces: Simple Best Practices to Begin With

In most jurisdictions across North America, a proper background check requires the candidate’s consent before it is conducted. HR managers that run a background check before receiving permission from a candidate risk breaking multiple privacy laws. Candidates also have the right to dispute the information that the background check service has supplied.

Typically, a background check is one of the last steps in the hiring process and is best completed as a condition of an offer of employment. Businesses should consider disclosing this requirement early within the hiring process. Relying on the assistance of an accredited background check service provider can help ensure that your business remains compliant throughout the process and navigate any privacy or legal challenges along the way.

Look for service providers to trumpet their National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) accreditation to signify their commitment to compliance and service.

inside an office Background Screening Large Workforces: Consider the Nature of Your Business

Most traditional background check services focus on criminal backgrounds, diving into the criminal history of a new or existing employee. Typically, an HR manager or security director is provided with documentation regarding a worker’s criminal history, and HR professionals are left to decide the best course of action.

There are, however, more options for HR managers in regard to background checks. If an employer in the rideshare industry is hiring new workers, a background check that includes a candidate’s driving history would be of great benefit. Drunk driving, speeding, or other driving offenses could be revealed in a background check, helping HR managers avoid problematic hires that could put the company or their clients at risk.

The same principle applies to a company with a workforce that handles large sums of money. Banks and other financial institutions would be interested in a financial record check to help them make the most informed hiring decision possible.

Background Screening Large Workforces: Test the Truthfulness of Your Candidates

Background checks that verify education credentials can also help test the truthfulness of a candidate. HR managers should consider a comprehensive background check that can ascertain a candidate’s education and work history, and the claims made by a candidate are indeed truthful.

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