Online Background Checks Boost the Quality of Workforces

December 6, 2021

interview Online Background Checks Prevent Losses and Expedite Hiring

Challenges from supply chain disruptions along with ongoing labour shortages mean that many industries are experiencing a need for new employees as soon as possible. Expediting recruitment is no simple task; online background checks can provide a quick and affordable way to approve candidates for work and ensure that supply chains run as smoothly as possible, even with unexpected disruptions. Quality workforces are hard to come by, and when qualified candidates apply for work, a speedy hiring process can help ensure that good candidates do not move on to other options.

Seal the deal and develop a workforce free from problematic criminal histories and manage internal losses, stomp out fraud, and ensure you maintain production well beyond 2022. Corporate due diligence can now be completed quickly with online background checks.

Why Should Businesses Conduct Online Background Checks?

Business owners and employers have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure that their workforces are safe from reasonable harm. Candidates with criminal histories can pose a threat as they have a higher likelihood of partaking in workplace misconduct through theft, violence, or harassment. A simple online background check can be completed and paid for by the prospective candidate as a condition of employment.

Should a company not complete its corporate due diligence, the result would be a potential legal and HR disaster. In some instances, an employer can be held legally responsible for not providing a safe workplace for its employees. Refraining from hiring candidates with criminal histories that include violence or assault ensures that your workforce is of the highest quality. The same can be said for candidates with problematic driving records, as employers may face legal ramifications if they hire candidates with a history of drinking and driving or other reckless driving offences.

paperwork How Can Business Owners Prevent Internal Losses with Online Background Checks

Cargo and freight theft has grown far beyond crimes of opportunity. Today, bad actors target specific warehouses that hold valuable goods and attempt to infiltrate the company’s workforce. A proper criminal background check can reveal criminal records and spot those who have a history of theft. Passing on those candidates can help develop a culture of honesty within your workforce, where internal theft is not tolerated and compliance is rewarded.

Why Should Public-Facing Companies Screen Workers with Online Background Checks?

Businesses that serve the general public, including retail, restaurant, food, beverage, taxi, and rideshare, ultimately put their customer’s safety at risk should they not complete proper due diligence. Candidates with a history of misconduct, including violence and harassment, are highly likely to re-offend. Business owners could be held legally accountable for putting their customers in harm’s way. Proper screening with online background checks reduces some of the risks associated with serving the general public.

What Industries Are Best Suited for Online Background Checks?

Industries handling precious cargo, including electronics, consumer appliances, precious metals, oil, and gas are best suited for regular background check screenings before and during a candidate’s time with your company.

The charitable sector, including places of worship, churches, food banks, and shelters, can also benefit from proper background checks.

computer Online Background Checks Offered by

HR professionals working in the manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, and supply chain industries are likely under tremendous strain as they must manage ongoing hiring campaigns while screening potential candidates. Save time and money while completing your due diligence by requesting that candidates provide their own online background check through an online background check provider such as

Further, ISB Global Services, the parent company to, maintains a wide range of products that can help businesses of any size manage losses throughout their supply chain. Security, surveillance, criminal background checks, and up-to-the-minute GPS tracking services can all play a key role in controlling supply chain risk and preserving your bottom line.

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