Performing Regular Background Checks to Curb Internal Losses

November 15, 2021

employee puzzle Background Check Solutions Are Just One Piece of the Supply Chain Puzzle

A simple background check for employment can help many businesses secure their supply chain and manage the losses that come from inside your organization. After a challenging pandemic that saw endless delays and disruptions, the time it takes to complete a simple online background check can result in reduced losses and promote further economic recovery. As many business leaders know, our global supply chain continues to experience delays and challenges, making it more important than ever to manage internal losses across the supply chain by ensuring the quality of your workforce with criminal background checks.

Theft, fraud, and crimes of opportunity can contribute to tens of thousands of dollars in losses, but many supply chain managers fail to address challenges within their own workforces. Crime continues to grow more complex, and some of the greatest risks come from coordinated efforts within your workforce. Often criminals infiltrate a company’s workforce by posing as a candidate searching for work.

Background Check for Employment: Affordable Screening Solutions Curb Losses

Affordable background checks for small, medium, and large businesses can ensure that every company in North America lands on its feet post-pandemic. With changing preferences among customers and vendors, many companies will be expected to ship their products directly to consumers faster and more efficiently. As the cost of shipping continues to rise, coordinated fraud within your workforce can mean losses in the tens of thousands, maybe more.

Employers must complete their due diligence before it is too late, as regular screening can weed out bad actors and prevent costly losses. As a condition of employment, background checks can deter criminals from applying to work within your business, creating a culture of integrity that promotes productivity among all employees.

three cargo trucks What Causes Internal Supply Chain Losses?

The logistics, shipping, receiving, and trucking industries often hire entry-level or minimum wage workers to help keep their supply chain moving. In difficult times, warehouses that ship electronics, televisions, computers, and phones might experience internal theft from their workforce. The temptation can be difficult for some, as some workers might begin to weigh the pros and cons between working diligently for their employer or coordinating an elaborate theft.

Background Checks, Are They Enough? Four Ways to Reduce Internal Losses

These are the simplest ways to reduce supply chain and cargo losses within your business:

1) Criminal Background Checks
Consider making a condition of employment that every employee provides a background check before they begin work. A comprehensive criminal background check can discourage criminals from applying to your position and reveal problematic criminal histories. With a clear picture of every employee’s past, employers or HR directors can make sound decisions regarding whom they choose to employ.

2) Culture and Policies
Develop clear policies within each worker’s employment contract that outlines a zero-tolerance for theft within the workplace. Push to develop a culture of honesty and acknowledge the employees that speak up about any wrongdoings.

3) Incentivizing Employees for Good Behaviour
Setting up a tip line for workers to communicate theft or fraud in the workplace can help reduce losses and deter the temptation of theft. Employers might also consider offering rewards or workforce-wide incentives should they meet specific productivity goals or experience zero losses.

4) Access Control and Warehouse Security Systems
Security systems, including physical security guards, checkpoints, metal detectors, and surveillance cameras, can secure a supply chain, ensuring that all shipments are received properly. Key card systems and proper security management communicate the message that the employer is taking supply chain losses seriously and is working actively to reduce them.

computer with Background Check Solutions by

As the pandemic has increased costs and tightened budgets, many employers can now request that new or existing employees complete their own background checks as a condition for employment. Now HR directors and supply chain managers can conduct their own due diligence and curb internal losses while saving money throughout the process.

Powered by ISB Global Services, allows candidates to order their own criminal background and financial record checks, enabling you to save time during the recruitment process. Further, ISB Global services maintains a wide range of products that can help businesses of any size manage losses throughout their supply chain with products tailored directly to their needs. Security, surveillance, criminal background checks, and up-to-the-minute GPS tracking can all play a key role in managing supply chain risk and preserving your bottom line.

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