Poor Background Check Solutions Are Now Commonplace; Here’s How to Spot Them

August 30, 2021

people reviewing a resume Background Checks Aren’t Created Equally; Here’s How HR Can Choose the Right One

Industries of all kinds are challenged with completing their own due diligence throughout their hiring process. Non-profits, logistics, and small-to-medium businesses are tasked to find quality candidates that have experience and are free from problematic criminal histories. Finding the right candidate to fill a skilled role is easier said than done, and many background check services sound too good to be true.

Unfortunately, many background check services do not offer complete information. Should a company make the wrong hiring decision, they could inadvertently put the public at risk or place other workers in harm’s way. Here’s how you can spot a poor background check service before they harm your hiring practices.

warning sign The Top Warning Signs for Spotting a Poor Background Check Provider

Even candidates that dazzle throughout the hiring process require background checks that ensure their claims and confirm their honesty. An improper background check can harm a business’s reputation, put others at risk, and waste time and money.

When selecting a background check service provider, be aware of these warning signs to ensure the information you receive is comprehensive.

  • Services that claim to offer free background checks are likely to include only partial information on a candidate. Free services are likely to provide information that is already publicly available but could overlook vital information that can influence a hiring decision.
  • Single registry background checks are likely to miss key information and criminal histories that are in state-specific registries. Every state has different privacy laws surrounding background checks. Employers must find services that can uncover information from out-of-state registries, as some candidates could move to avoid revealing their criminal history.
  • Social media background searches often fail to reveal criminal and credit histories and important driving records that could affect your hiring decision.
  • Background check service providers that are vague and have no explanation of processes should be a major red flag for HR managers. There shouldn’t be any mystery involved with a proper background check. When shopping for a background check, ensure you understand what information you are obtaining along with any other potential information.
  • Certain claims of instant background check results could be inaccurate. Criminal background checks in the United States rely on multiple state-specific and federal registries and typically do not offer instantaneous results. Pay careful attention to these claims and choose a solution that provides complete information rather than quick and cheap services.
  • One-and-done background checks only offer a partial picture of a candidate. For HR managers to properly complete their due diligence, background checks will have to be conducted regularly. Search for services that speak to the bigger picture of your organization’s need to create a quality workforce and offer ongoing HR solutions.
  • A lack of accreditation is a sure sign to avoid a background check service provider. Ensure that the service provider you select is FCRA compliant and is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. A proper background check provider will showcase these status symbols proudly on their website.
  • Background check providers that lack proper customer support are likely to offer sub-optimal results. Service providers that support their client’s needs will ensure HR managers receive the correct information to make an informed hiring decision.

Person on OrderYourBackgroundCheck.Com Background Checks Solutions That Go Beyond the Surface with OrderYourBackgroundCheck.Com

Employers and HR managers working in the logistics, technology, and non-profit industries are encouraged to search for complete background check services that go far beyond the surface. Seek out solutions that speak to your needs to create a quality workforce and paint a full picture of each candidate. Proper due diligence requires a regular commitment to background screening, completing the process at least once a year. Routine background checks can screen out candidates that can poison your workforce while protecting the audiences your organization serves.

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Explore various service offerings and ensure that your organization maintains employees of the highest quality. Protect your workforce and complete your own HR due diligence with services provided by OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com.

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