Understanding Background Checks for Employment

October 18, 2021

Resume Learn About Completing a Background Check for Employment

Many organizations, including charities, ride-share, and logistics companies, are tasked with screening large amounts of candidates in a short period. Background checks for employment are now a standard part of the recruitment process, ensuring that workforces are free from problematic behaviours that can put the public and other employees at risk.

If you are required to complete a background check as a condition of employment, know what to expect, and find answers to frequently asked questions that can help save you time and money.

What is Included in a Background Check?

Most background checks include criminal history, but specific details can vary from state to state or province to province. Some background checks include past criminal convictions along with a history of imprisonment.

Employers may also request a financial records check, driving record, or verification of education credentials.

Hand Holding Clock How Long Does a Background Check for Employment Take?

Some background check providers will offer a background check in minutes, while others take several days.

What Do Employers Look for in a Background Check?

Employers will consider any information provided in a background check and weigh the pros and cons of hiring the candidate. Some employers may overlook certain details, ultimately determining if the candidate is suitable for the role. Criminal histories are likely the most problematic information on a background check, but poor credit scores and driving records might also sway a company from not hiring a candidate.

Are Drug Tests Included in Background Checks for Employment?

Many agencies that service the background check industry do not provide drug tests. Local laws and regulations vary regarding drug tests. Some employers may request a urine test during the recruitment process.

Successful Business Man What is Considered a Successful Background Check?

A background check free from criminal history, problematic credit and driving records would constitute as a successful background check.

Are Background Checks Different in the United States and Canada?

Yes. Background checks vary depending on where the candidate is seeking employment. Using a certified background check provider can ensure compliance with any local laws. The country in which the search is being conducted is also a variable in the process, cost and turn around time of services, regardless of the country of employment. (ie. If a Canadian worked for a US company, they would want to run a check in the country where their history originates.)

Do Free Background Checks Work?

No. Free background checks usually only include publicly available information and do not provide the desired information that an employer needs to hire a candidate.

Can Someone Perform a Background Check on Me Without My Knowledge?

A compliant background check requires the consent from the individual, Identification validation, verification as well as signed witnessed consent.

Computer Where Can I Complete My Background Check Online?

OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com, powered by ISB Global Services, can help any candidate provide a comprehensive background check for a prospective employer.

Powered by ISB Global Services, OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com allows candidates to order their own criminal background checks. Many charitable and for-profit industries are requesting that candidates provide their background checks as a condition for employment. OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com offers a wide variety of background information, including criminal, educational, and financial records.

Explore various service offerings and ensure that your background check satisfies the needs of your next employer.

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