Will a Criminal History Prevent Me From Passing a Background Check for Employment?

October 29, 2021

interview Background Checks for Employment: What Every Candidate Needs to Know

Many employers are looking to ensure the quality of their workforce by having candidates complete a background check for employment as a condition of a job offer. Those with problematic criminal histories might be intimidated by the hiring process and unsure of how to explain their past mistakes. But a criminal record isn’t the end of your professional career. Learn about the nature of criminal background checks and how to navigate a complex hiring process.

Being upfront and honest about your past throughout the hiring process will help you find the right employer and speak volumes about setting your life on the right path.

Common Questions Regarding Background Checks for Employment

Here are seven answers to important questions relevant to anyone with a criminal history hoping to find a job.

arrest 1. Can People with Criminal Histories Get a Job?

Yes. Many employers hire people with criminal histories. A criminal record isn’t the end of your professional life but will likely complicate your job search. There are instances where employers pass on candidates because of a problematic criminal history.

2. What Kind of Crimes Prevent People from Getting Hired?

A history of violent crime or sexual misconduct will often deter employers from hiring an applicant. Poor driving records can also deter an employee from hiring a candidate, especially if the role is in logistics, truck driving, rideshare, or delivery. Poor credit histories can also cause problems should candidates be seeking a position that handles company finances or large sums of money.

3. Should I Tell My Employer That I Have a Criminal Record?

Yes. Candidates should be honest about their past before a criminal record check is completed. Avoid surprises and tell employers early in the hiring process about any criminal histories. Your honesty will be appreciated and will save time for both parties involved in the hiring process.

4. How Long Does a Criminal Record Last?

Most criminal histories are lifelong. Each case is unique, and candidates should expect that any criminal records will be revealed during a background check.

interview 5. What Would Stop Someone from Passing a Background Check?

Each employer has its own policies regarding employees with criminal histories. Determining what is considered a “pass” or a “failure” is up to the employer’s discretion. Some criminal records might be overlooked, but typically, if any problematic information shows up on a background check, it could be considered a fail.

6. How Should I Explain My Criminal History to My Employer?

Candidates should explain that they have a criminal history early in the interview process. Your criminal record is likely to be revealed at some point during the hiring process, and employers can perform background checks at their discretion, even after hiring.

7. How Can Someone Order a Background Check on Themself?

OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com allows candidates in Canada and the United States to order their own background checks as a condition for employment. These background checks include criminal histories, financial record checks, and education verification.

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