10 Quick Reasons to Perform Background Checks for Nonprofits

June 7, 2021

(US content, not applicable to Canada)

Background Checks for Nonprofits Can Reveal Critical Details Regarding Your Volunteers

There are endless reasons to conduct background checks for nonprofits as charitable organizations such as child sponsorship programs, disaster relief organizations, and NGOs typically serve vulnerable communities. Religious institutions, food banks, and human rights organizations have a vision of improving their society but must do so with limited budgets.

Many of these charitable institutions rely on the generosity of volunteers to operate with a tight budget. Whether you are an HR manager for a nonprofit or run your own charity, consider these ten quick reasons for conducting background checks on those who wish to volunteer their time.

Background Checks for Nonprofits: Quick Tips for HR Managers

  1. Due Diligence: Charities still maintain a duty of care obligation to their staff and the communities they serve. Background checks support traditional due diligence efforts that are usually completed by HR managers and help ensure that the volunteer base can complete the tasks at hand without negligence.
  2. Reputation: One bad hire can ruin your organization’s reputation. As an institution that often relies on the generosity of the public, one bad actor within your charity can destroy your reputation. Background checks for volunteers can spot bad candidates before you complete the hiring process.
  3. Protect Those You Serve: Many charities serve vulnerable communities including, children, the elderly, and those unfortunate. Some candidates that may appear as a great fit could have a problematic criminal history. Prevent exploitation of those you serve with proper background checks.
  4. Candidate Integrity: A background check could test the integrity of your applicants, as these services could verify employment and education credentials. Ensure the quality of your volunteers by cross-referencing details of a background check to the claims that have been made on an application. Dig deeper into the candidates that are just too good to be true.
  5. Achieve Your Mission: Hire volunteers that share your charity’s mission. Background checks can reveal problematic criminal and financial histories and potentially hurt your organization’s mission. Discover the true motivations of a potential volunteer with these services.
  6. Risk Mitigation: Regular background checks for volunteers can reveal issues that arise after hiring. Spot problems before they occur and mitigate the risks of employing people who have recently been charged with a criminal offense. Remain informed about your staff with regular yearly checks.
  7. Culture and Dedication: Create a culture of honesty and integrity and reward staff that bring attention to misconduct.
  8. Compliance: Background checks can help ensure that your organization is compliant with your province or state regulations. Depending on your jurisdiction and the nature of your charitable organization, you may have to perform regular due diligence to ensure your organization complies with any local laws.
  9. Criminal Infiltration: Prevent criminals from targeting your organization as an avenue of connecting with vulnerable populations. Background checks can reveal criminal histories that can prevent a bad hire before it happens.
  10. Credit Checks: A credit check could offer information that might make an HR manager rethink a potential hire. Those with extensive debt or financial issues might not be the right fit for your organization.

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