Five Simple Ways You Can Innovate Your Recruitment for Charities

July 12, 2021

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Recruiting for Charities: Find Great Volunteers for the Charitable Sector

Volunteers are fundamental to a great charity, and regular recruitment efforts could push an organization’s mission towards success. Recruitment for charities requires innovation to ensure your volunteers feel valued from their experience while promoting a positive culture and attitude. Investing in your volunteers means more camaraderie amongst them, ultimately helping to achieve your organization’s goals.

Religious institutions, food banks, human rights organizations, child sponsorship programs, and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) should consider these recruitment strategies that can help any small, medium, or large charitable institution find and retain new volunteers. Volunteers are the friendly faces that represent your charity. Ensure that you consistently recruit the top volunteers available and maintain your reputation in the general public.

Phone with Social Media Icons Five Innovations That Can Help Improve Charity Recruitment for HR Professionals

  • Use Social Media To Promote Mini Pop-Up Events - Many HR managers might find success in engaging their volunteer base through social media. There are instances where small events or volunteer opportunities are more convenient for volunteers when they require just an hour of unpaid work. Many volunteers are balancing school, work, and other commitments, and social media groups can help them locate a short-term commitment with little notice. Further, it’s a great way to communicate important events and connect with individual volunteers.
  • Target Your Prospects - Seek out university fairs and other community social groups with common interests and similar values. Many of your volunteers require experience to enter into the workforce, and your charity can connect directly with these students offering their first step towards their career. Here you’ll be able to collect emails and other contact information and communicate upcoming volunteer opportunities via email blasts.
  • Communicate Value: Since volunteers are donating their time, there needs to be something in it for them. Contributing to a shared cause is just the beginning. HR managers should offer the value of experience through educational seminars, workshops, or social events that introduce volunteers to industry experts. Don’t assume that many of these students are contributing out of the good of their own hearts; strive to make the experience worthwhile and a valuable part of their early work experience.
  • Embrace and Promote Community: Many young individuals view volunteer opportunities as a way to connect with other like-minded people. Your volunteer culture shouldn’t be all work and no play, so consider giving back to your volunteers with fun social events and team-building opportunities. These activities foster a positive culture that encourages volunteers to continue giving back to the community through your charitable organization.
  • Create Remote Opportunities: Remote volunteer work is a new innovation that many HR professionals can employ that can allow anyone to contribute from the comfort of their own home. Develop volunteer positions in the same way that remote work positions are created, and enable people to offer their time through marketing, communications, and blogging. These opportunities allow many young adults to gain valuable experience that they can later use to explore paid positions and ultimately advance their careers.

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