Tenant Background Checks; the Safest Bet for Landlords

December 9, 2021

moving Tenant Background Checks Save Time and Money; Find the Perfect Tenant Today

There is a lot of work that goes into being a landlord. Renting out an apartment or space in your home not only requires extensive renovations but the overwhelming task of screening and choosing good tenants. Supplemental income from being a landlord can go a long way, but there are plenty of challenges as well. Tenant background checks play an important role when prospective tenants begin inquiring about your available space. Find the best tenants possible with background check solutions that are fast, simple, and don’t cost landlords a cent.

Tenant Background Checks: Frequently Asked Questions for Landlords

After spending time and money to renovate a space for rent, one simple background check can save time and stress, helping you avoid tenants that offer more harm than good. Complete your due diligence and find the perfect fit as a landlord.

These are the top frequently asked questions for new and experienced landlords across North America.

Paperwork What Should Landlords Request from an Interested Tenant?

Landlords have the right to screen and vet potential tenants by requesting a formal background check that includes criminal and financial record histories. Landlords can also request references, both professional and from former landlords, and inquire about their employment status. Landlords can also label their space as not suitable for smoking, which can be outlined in a tenant’s lease.

What Can a Landlord Not Ask for From a Tenant?

Every jurisdiction has different laws to curb discrimination, but typically landlords do not have the legal right to inquire about a tenant’s sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or race.

What is Included in a Tenant Background Check?

A proper tenant background check includes a criminal history dating back well over ten years and financial records such as credit history.

Can a Landlord Request Financial History with a Tenant Background Check?

Yes. Financial record checks are an essential part of ensuring that your tenant can pay their rent without issue and avoiding the stress of evicting a tenant.

Messy Room How Can a Landlord Spot a Bad Prospective Tenant?

There are subtle signs that may suggest a tenant might not be the right fit for the available apartment, room, or property. These are the top 3 signs that you might have issues with a prospective tenant in the future.

  • A tenant who attempts to negotiate the price too aggressively may have trouble paying rent in the future, especially if your rental property is already reasonably priced.
  • Prospective tenants who are overly interested in the property’s fire alarms or sprinkler system may be interested in smoking within the unit while claiming they don’t smoke.
  • An individual that is unable to provide references from previous landlords or can only provide references from landlords that they are directly related to.

What Should a Landlord Look for in a Tenant?

A quality tenant is a combination of attributes, including a great credit score, a history free from criminal convictions, being employed full-time, and generally respectful when meeting them for the first time. It’s important to know that even the most well-dressed and polite candidates may have a problematic criminal or financial history that could result in issues in the future. Landlords are encouraged to complete their due diligence and request a proper online background check even if a candidate dazzles on paper and in person.

Computer Tenant Background Checks Offered by OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com

OrderYourBackgroundCheck.com, powered by ISB Global Services, can help any landlord complete their due diligence and screen prospective tenants. Now landlords can request that tenants order their own background check as a condition of signing a lease, helping you save time and money while ensuring your tenants are of the highest quality.

Ensure you rent only to those who can afford it and are respectful to both the property and the community.

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